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IOXWebcam X  
Supported Cameras
Supported Video Applications
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IOXperts Webcam Driver 1.1 for Mac OS X

Download the trial version for free. Buy it for $19.95.

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System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.2.8 - 10.4.x
A supported camera
USB or FireWire port for supported camera
OS X Native Video Application

Note for Intel Mac owners: The FireWire version of this driver does not work on Intel Macs. (You can use Apple's driver.) The USB version works under Rosetta on Tiger. This means it will work in PowerPC applications, but not native applications.

What's New in 1.1

  • Unified USB & FireWire Camera support
  • Support for new cameras
  • IOXperts Camera Control - Adjust video settings in applications which do not use the standard video settings dialog (iChat AV, Yahoo Messenger, etc)
  • Software Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • FaceTracking
  • International Camera Settings - 14 languages. Requires an internationalized video application
  • And more...
  • Support for the latest USB and FireWire APIs
  • Simplified installation and registration
  • And more...
  • -->

About the Trial Version

When you first install the driver, your camera will operate for 30 minutes at a time. You can reset the timer by unplugging and reconnecting the camera or by rebooting. The trial driver is fully functional. If you have any problems, please see our FAQ pages.

Note: Unless you have a FireWire or Philips brand camera (which have unique identifiers), your serial number is tied to the computer you register on. So be sure to register the driver on the machine you intend to use.

Installing the Driver

Download the driver from one of the links below, and open the installer that corresponds to your camera. There are logging versions of the drivers in the same directory for those of you who are developing video software or need to troubleshoot a problem.

It is no longer necessary to have your camera connected when you install the driver or to reinstall for each camera you own. However, you may need to identify the type of camera you have before the driver will recognize it. This is because some cameras based cannot be distunguished from each other in software.

If you have one of these cameras, or want to change the name that appears in the QuickTime Video Settings dialog, you will need to run the Camera Identifier application installed in /Applications/IOXperts. The installer will launch it automatically for you, but you can run it again later.

We encourage you to test the driver thoroughly before purchasing it. Try the driver with a supported application to make sure it works. Just click "Later" when the Registration dialog box comes up.

When you're ready to buy, click the "Register" button in the 30 minute reminder dialog, video settings or IOXperts Camera Control. Then click the "Buy" button and you'll be walked through the purchase on eSellerate.

Download links

Current Release:

IOXWebcamX-1.1.dmg.gz (FTP)

IOXWebcamX-1.1.dmg.gz (HTTP)

Beta version 1.2

A beta version of this driver that supports Leopard and includes other new features is available for download. Learn more.

Need to run on Mac OS 10.1.5?

If you need to run on 10.1.5 you can find the previous version of our drivers here. USB Webcam driver FireWire Webcam driver.

Need a viewer?

We recommend BTV and BTV Pro by Ben Bird, available at


Try our FAQ pages or our Wiki. You can submit a support request by email, but frankly, it will probably take a while to get back to you.


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